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AiKnow helps customers to understand their appliances and save on bill!

Introducing AiKnow

AiKnow helps customers to reducing energy consumption and cut cost through its Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) technology without deploying fine-grained, large-scale smart meters. It can be easily installed and provide consumers estimates of device-level energy consumption based on aggregated measurements usually taken at the main circuit panel or electric meter. AiKnow includes IoT platforms, cloud service, and APP/web. The processing includes event detection and load disaggregation. AiKnow is based on low-frequency signal, and events are able to be identified by labels in public dataset. AiKnow could benefit the customers, grid company, government, appliance company, etc.

Why choose AiKnow?

" Make appliances smarter, know the energy consumption of every appliances anytime and anywhere. "


Real-time tracking the status and power consumption of appliances


Split the current electricty bill into the bill of each appliance


Monthly electricity usuage and bill forecast


Monitor the healthy status of appliances and security assesement

Electricity Usage Assessment 1/2

Question 1:

" Where do you live?"

Question 2:

" How many person in your house?"

Fast assessment of Electricy usuage 2/2

Question 1:

" Average of electricity usuage?"

Installation Procedures

Step 1

Hardware Installation

Step 2

Download APP

Step 3

Register Hardware

Step 4

Experience AiKnow


FAQ 1/4

"They will be identified as lighting system, each group would be identified by their swith on/off actions."

FAQ 2/4

"The hardware installation is pretty simple and expected to be done within 10 minutes. Please refer to the installation manual."

FAQ 3/4

"AiKnow would identify the appliances automatically, but the input from user can help improving the accuracy."

FAQ 4/4

"AiKnow have the capability of deep learning and the accuracy would be improved as more data are collected, and then more valuable information would be provided."

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